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By Anonymous
Can i make her talk with my if i answered no?
By Anonymous
If you absolve with Oswald of Artorius after saying no
By Anonymous
I attack, how can I go back
By Anonymous
Absolve yourself
By Anonymous
he does no protecc he does attacc but most importantly he doesent know how to go bacc
By Anonymous
Absolve yourself with Carim in the Gargoyle Undead Parish belltower and she reappears
By Anonymous
I said no and she got mad, can I start the dialogue over again ?
By Anonymous
Read the wiki
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
A cat is fine too...
By Lionscythe
Why is it a sin to tell her no when the first option is given... 41k souls down the drain :/
By Anonymous
Because it mean you intend to proceed and pick a fight with sir.... The one that her covenent protect
By Anonymous
You can get to Darkroot garden without paying 20,000 souls Just run at the hydra (to the right out side of havles door) take a left when your at the hydra then run through some water to a platform then look to the left and there sould be a ladder you can clime to get into Darkroot garden.
By Anonymous
Hope this saves you some sweet sweet souls to do with what you please. Your welcome
By Anonymous
Sure, then die and do the entire runaround again and again. This advice it's pretty bad as 20k souls can easily be farmed from the forest covenant guys in no time saving you the trouble
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By kroger
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but then you have to deal with the terrifying giant cats
By Anonymous
Cheshire cat ?
By Anonymous
Yeah, shes clearly based on the original illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. Pretty cool.
By Anonymous
Welp, dark souls 3, then 2, now 1...this ones a bit more confusing to do stuff on, but fun as hell
By Anonymous
I said yes and she sent me away