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You need 33 strenght and 27 dex to power stance
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"recommend to infuse with dark if 50/50 faith int" yeah but why dark in particular.
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Because dark scales with both
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Useless no location
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By thegourd
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"In Dark Souls II, the lance can be found in a chest located in a room accessible via the crane in the Memory of Orro.

In the SotFS, the lance is found on a corpse just outside the King's Gate found in Forest of Fallen Giants. A Royal Guard stands in front of the gate, but it is possible to avoid confronting it if the player is careful. "" rel="nofollow
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It did give a location
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Fake and*****! got gud and then to read
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To be fair, it didn't say where the King's Gate is.
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I got back in the game now on the ps4 with the scholar bundle... and just when I got stuck at around lv 200 this weapon helped me alot, it has the perfect balance between range, speed and weight (stun locks anything with stone ring even one handed) to be used in any situation, the hitbox is kinda broke probably because its so thick, lots of fun for the ones that don´t like cheesing their way and play it simple with a shield and bow, plus it has a weirdly high durabillity of 130 perfect for the long and slow NG++ enemies.
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GrandLance. Or so i call it: Poise Killer
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"It is recommended to infuse with Dark if you have 50 Intelligence and 50 Faith" Well no*****, if you have 50/50 just about everything should be dark infused.
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Yeah, but retards often try to sound clever while still coming across as dumb.
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I cant believe I'm still playing and researching this game...
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You're not alone :)
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That makes three of us:)
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Oh, so I'm not the only one.
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Lol same here
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Unpopular opinion but Dark Souls 2 is still my favorite. It's the most Aesthetically appealing to me. DS 1, 3, and BB feel like fifty shades of grey... literally.
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Same here!
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ds2 is my favourite souls game, and second favourite game at all after bloodborne
By sousedloused
Join the club. Truth is, I am in the process of "tying up a few loose ends" with this game before I move onto something else, and this includes tracking down a few weapons hidden away in certain spots.
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Well DS2 is pretty good despite all the DS1 fan boys say and it deifnally had or rather still has the best combat system and best pvp to date in FROM's games. Not the cheesing backstabs in DS1 and certainly not the bull**** that is rolly rolly R1 spam with a straight sword in DS3 you have actual build options in DS2.
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I find ds3 pve to be the best bc of the bosses, but ds2 pvp is actually worth playing, plus there’s og FUGS.
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Ds2 had tons of flaws, but the sheer amount of unique weapons and powerstancing is one of the best things about this game.
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Never stop.
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*Cough* Broken backstab *Cough* All jokes aside I like this weapon, and its backstab.
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It's better than most weapons in the game, if you can corner your enemy or catch them off guard.