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don't bully ingward, it's not worth getting this ember too early in the game.
By Anonymous
If you ever feel that DS is too hard, try getting a +15 before Sen's Fortress. It is possible.
By Anonymous
Im actually at O&S and i feel stuck so im probs gonna go back throught the fortress of hell just to upgrade my weapon
By Anonymous
Tatemo Okina Tanebi
By Anonymous
Japanese Translation: とても大きな種火 , Totemo ōkina tanebi
By Anonymous
I laughed my *** off so hard when Challenger Andy did that "Tatemo Okina Tanebi" edit in his vid xD
Of course his "L A R G E E M B E R"s also helped build up for it xD
If you don't know what I'm talkin about I don't blame you I'm not trying to give actual understandable context I'm just throwing away random unorganized information on the internet about a certain person's experience with a certain thing, all of which is related to dark souls and specifically the very large ember, and jokes, and a certain youtuber/streamer. Damn... With all this wall of text I could've actually explained the whole story thoroughly and made it clear.. But I'm not gonna delete what I wrote and start again fk dat.
By Anonymous
Chosen Undead: "Yo Can I upgrade my weapon?"
Andre: "Only to +1!"
Chosen Undead: *Takes out comically large ember*
By Anonymous
This is fing funny. I laughed then remembered the comically large spoon and laughed even more.
By Anonymous
Embers of unusual size? I don't think they exist.
By Anonymous
Oh no, I assure you they exist, my caravan carrying the comically large head of Abe Lincoln was attacked by them
By Anonymous
thicc ember
By Anonymous
very very large ember
By Anonymous
But where's the ridiculously mega huge enormous ember slab
By Anonymous
Minecraft coal block will do