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the building was a hospital, how to ***** do you know that huh?
He said perhaps
It's conjecture,*****head. Learn to *****ing read.
More likely Stables.
Then I should be allowed to add a line that says Artorias was homosexual in his strategy section if unsubstantiated guesses are free game now. Useless head-cannon in the location section is still useless if there's nothing to support it or assist the reader.
Ghosts are **** all I gotta say
So true
can u give to giant blacksmith I killed andre
Giant Blacksmith wont ask for anything , he can do it without the embers
The people on this wiki seem almost toxic he was asking s simple question no need for all the down voting
Welp he killed Forgebro, who is clearly the 3rd best bro, after Sunbro and Onionbro. But no, won't be able to uprgade until NG+
You deserve what you get
Too bad you can't upgrade raw to +10
the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best