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There's a total of 20 offensive pyromancies (15 if we exclude lingering flame, inmolation, and the mist ones), then there's a total of 4 support pyromancies. In the end, there's a total of 24 pyromancies, 21 if we exclude the DLC
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Pyromancy costs zero investment( apart from attunement slots), and upgrades using a unique material, I think it is a way for melee users to have some range attacks in their arsenal, but unless you make a build dedicated for pyromancy alone, it is not that strong.
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This is how it worked in ds1 and it is true it still doesn't require much investment. However in reality you basically have to do a hex build for it to be effective, because why spend time to cast some fireball as a melee character that ends up doing pretty much same damage or even less than if you just ran to the enemy and hit it. Having used pyromancy a lot in pve and pvp noth, it's pretty much just a budget hex build with less casts
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it doesn't require stat investment to be able to use them, true, however it scales with int+fth like hexes, so ultimately it's not really worth it, if you don't invest anything
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Pyromancy is good in DS2, but you really have to work hard to get the build going. Even then, with no dark pyromancy, you still need dark orb in your back pocket for certain enemies/areas.
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I thought the class sucked early game because of how many casts sorcerers get.

And then I made a miracle build...
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By Rads
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Some guy at from software really hated pyromancy:
- no pyromancer class
- pyromancy flame hidden behind boss
- very small amount of casts
- fire seeds needed for upgrade pyromancy flame instead of titanite
- scaling from both int and fth.
- best spells ludicrously hard to get
- no power within
By Anonymous
It doesn't scale with int and fth, only with the fire bonus stat.
By Anonymous
^ The fire bonus stat scales from both int and fth
By Anonymous
Don't forget having to farm giant fire salamanders as the only way to get enough casts. And no dark pyromancy is a big oversight.
By Anonymous
No Power Within? Sinful!
By Anonymous
It's replaced with immolation, although it's more of a self DE-buff....
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where rapport as well :(
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"It's replaced with immolation" ©
i'd say that it was moved to sorcery tree - Unleash Magic spell. u get magic damage boost and lose hp, pretty much the power within effect, but a bit changed. still, this would be better to be pyro unique skill.
By sirgoulas
Pyromancer starts weak on this game, but end game he is incredibly powerful.
-Very easy to multiclass although not optimal, you can cast spells with 0 investment.
-Most spells are on 1 attunement requirement and some on 2.
-Has most aoe spells and actually consistent and efficient aoe. Will help on ng+ and covenant of champions since literally ds2 bosses gang on you. Great chaos fireball for example is insane spell.
-You don't have to invest materials and souls every time, just fire seed your flame and you done.
-Poison mist is good early game farm (and can cheese gargoyles too). You can kill the 2 giants for farm near that forbidden key gate where dark covenant guy is.

-Limited uses
-You have to find your spells to cast them!
-Fire weapon is super late in game
-Eventually you will invest on int and wisdom to make them stronger and attunement to increase their uses.

For me personally, initially it serves as a filler class for multi build and after I find enough pyromancies and can reallocate my points then it becomes viable. No point having 5-6 fireballs while spellcaster and hexers have 21 early game. Same concept for miracles, why have some random healing spells instead of ranged attack pressure. Miracle users get like lightning spears per slot on start, wow..
By Anonymous
I dont know about that "fire weapon is super late in game", you can get it pretty fast
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I agree with most of this. Would add that pyromancy is a great add-on for a hexer build, as the stat investment is the same. The combination of Dark Orb and pyro is pretty OP in PVE.
By Anonymous
i use them for bosses weak to fire. the dukes freja, nashandra, and darklurker. they are best used situationally rather than as a primary build.
By Anonymous
Go for flame weapon with any weapon that has starting fire damage, and try other pyromancies to supplement. Easy way to get some good use out of pyromancies. You'll be using fireball, etc for a while until you can get flame weapon by using bonfire ascetic on the lost sinner, but those are still very useful early game.
By Anonymous
You have to kill ng+ sinner, the pyros make it harder but when you complete it whatever weapon you use gets a nice buff
By Anonymous
Yea flame weapon and any black knight weapon is pure gold man
By Anonymous
im so happy that there is a buff for pyromancys so i could use more intresting builds and not have to mix it with faith or intelligence.