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Need help on stam sorc pve need him to be good what should I use
I run spriggans and vo molog kena head heavy and velidrith light shoulders and dps tested at 36k dps real test with abilities on my bar that I actually use in game and not that fake stuff people u see on YouTube posting
Strength of automation got nerfed ... its weapon damage is no longer impacting your main physical damage weapon directly... now it just adds 400 damage on abilities ... well, it was good while it lasted
any source for this? I cant find anything online.
all abilities? wouldn't that mean that its better?
It's still one of the best pve sets in the game for most Stam builds nerfed or not
I've noticed a set is missing; Essence Thief set
It is from the Imperial City DLC, so it is under the DLC section, not here. This section is only for non-DLC sets.

Plague Slinger is here, but it is a DLC set so it should be under the DLC section, not here.
Coward gear missing.
What is the best set for my lvl 30 Stam night blade? Pve
Wait until you get to vet rank to worry about gear, you will be changing it as soon as you hit vet
for pvp and pve shadow walker it allows you to restore health and stamina while youre invisible and standing still i have a lv 50 tank blade that will troll with that set while supporting my team Rossolon
My name jeff