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Shadow of the Red Mountain need updating.
Yup the spell damage should be replaced with weapon crit now.
missing information, no info about what each piece has only set bonus :(
Not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?
Who the hell put in this "West Skyrim" set?!
Where is Two-Fanged Snake?
There is no set named "Two-Fanged Snake". Perhaps you are thinking of "Twice-Fanged Serpent", which is listed above
Nevermind--found it.
what the heck is ymagin set?
Lol who put I am eso
some *****ing idiot
Where is all the stuff
Can someone remove troll post Yorik's Ymagin?



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Done - and page locked
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So we can't put anything on anymore?
Need help on Stam sorc I want him to be for pve