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in ds3 you will get a holy infused parring dagger as a reward if you helped Sirris out. maybe a reference to the Darkmoon Knightess because Sirris is never useing a dagger.
False, you receive a "Blessed Mail Breaker" which has nothing to do with this character's normal Parrying dagger. On the other hand, the weapon probably is a reference to how they fight against sinners, represented as Rosaria's fingers since they are meant to be the invasion covenant.
Unrelated, off topic.
is it possible to revert her state by absolving sins after killing gwyndolin?
WARNING! Some a-hole posted a ds3 spoiler further down the list. Don't look if you don't want to know...
Ds3 is over 2 years old you can’t really get mad
Nothing there is really a spoiler tho
Dark Souls isn't even a series that can be spoiled. It's so convoluted, and most of the story happens off-screen anyway or is just plain conjecture.
dude it was a item drop in a questline
Does killing this fire keeper count as a betrayal to the darkmoon covenant? And can you still join the darkmoons if you kill her first?
I would like to know if this counts as betrayal aswell
This may be a little late, but no, killing her does not count as betrayal to the covenant. And for the second part of your question, yes you can still join the darkmoon blade if you kill her beforehand.
If Darkmoon Knightess falls off because she walks off the rotating bridge, re-load the game and go to the main Anor Londo bonfire she is normally at and her firekeepeer soul will appear there and not where she fell off.
This lady is a abomination or have any mutation under her armour, is mention in the description of the brass set
She is like you forsaken undead, she is not quite, hollow but refuses to allow anyone to see how close she is to being hollow. She is a woman after all, the loathe any impurities upon their body, so it makes sense she would hide such a thing.
Is there any benefit for keeping her alive and not making hostile
Well you can still use the first Bonfire in Anor Londo if you let her live
Once you've killed fatman and tall boy, the optional boss and gotten to the archive bonfire there is no reason to keep her alive.
What is meant by "her hideous form"? As in disfigured, or that she is not actually human?
According to a video by ThePruld she's hollow but still has her sanity like the player character. I wouldn't want people seeing my shriveled body either


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Will killing her affect joining the Blade Of The Dark Moon?