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Trident is good if you can manage to get an alchemist and use it early. High damage right off the bat compared to most other weapons you'd be able to use if you're going for halberds or spears makes it great up until the scaling of everything else catches up.


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The Trident is the best buffable spear because of its base damage being higher than any other Spear. It unfortunately has such poor scaling that you need to throw ten tons of Strength and Dexterity to get returns as well, like the Anon below says. Its Dexterity scaling being better than the Strength, it still manages to synergize well with Magic builds. In pure damage, the Umbral Partizan beats it out if one goes heavy with Dexterity, but the Umbral Partizan is also TWICE the weight of the Trident. Very solid Spellsword weapon.
This is the 2nd best spear for pure DEX builds (1st being the Overlord's Bident) and the best when buffed period. It is also a very nice early weapon (can be obtained right after defeating the Mad Alchemist) and then carry you through the first half of the game pretty easily (for me, it was the entire game) since you don't need much stat investment to git gud damage out of it.

While it is true that the Razorback does a bit more damage by default (less than 10% more at 50 Dexterity but slightly less when buffed), it also requires Enduring Skulls to upgrade (which are very difficult to come by), is a bit more costly to get (2000 more Salt and an Amber Idol) and is 25% heavier than the Trident. It also takes longer to get. Although, by that time, you would have at least a Trident IV. For ~10% more damage at 50 Dexterity unbuffed only and considering the drawbacks, the Razorback is, arguably, not even worth getting in my opinion. Unless, of course, you like the way it looks. In that case, I suggest you fully upgrade a spear before transmuting it so you don't have to farm for those pesky Enduring Skulls. But keep in mind that, by the time you can do this, you could also get the Overlord's Bident.
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This is probably the best spear for a magic build as the buff factor is the highest of all spear, investing in strength and dex on a magic build is not necessary as your buff and the spam nature of spears will make it a good weapon regardless of your investment in dex and str.