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Cool stuff
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How do i get the weapon?
By Chewie
You must habe the boss soul and talk with the NPC Ludleth, so you'll get the weapom by soul transposition.
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first, kill the curse rotted great wood. then, from the bonfire, walk up the left set of stairs. in the second throne sits the little lord ludlith. give him the transposing kiln, and, with the boss soul still in your inventory, select "begin transposition" then select the weapon you want, and transpose it. it will then be in your weapon inventory and you will no longer have the boss soul.
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Very helpful my sister need to know about this soul
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Can you get the soul more than once?
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On new game plus
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Why are there two soul of curse rotted great wood on boss souls section?
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"spirit tree"? O' elden ring. O' elden Ring.