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I'm running this dungeon since days. Sure there are weapons and shields?
All pieces drop. I had a shield and a resto staff drop. Saw someone get a neck...
I found a BSW shield and dagger half a dozen runs ago. I also found a BSW Restoration Staff Precise. Someone linked the BSW Flame Staff Sharpened in chat once. There are weapons and shields. The drop rate is just insanely low.
Yes, since One Tamriel came out
If anybody want to farm city of ash my PSN is original-_-sins in Europen server
I'm running city of Ash for 1 week haven't gotten divine chest or breeches yet anyone want to farm please help me !!!!
You can get the kilt pretty easy on COS2. The pants seem to be a rare drop though.
i made 300 runs. no breeches....but i got any other weapon and set and enchament twice xD still farmin
tripping man is my gmt
trippin man sry
i made it lot of time, and never find one hand weapon. Are you sure they exist ?



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Yes they exist, they are just very rare
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Ya i got the mace
I ran CoH vet 1 and 2 for 2 days straight and farmed the whole set, then a further day for full llambris set... easy af
Wrong set bud.
I got breeches and a sword so they do exist :)
I can find 1 hand sward or axe