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By Anonymous
Best Dark Souls Wiafu.
By Anonymous
Devotee Scarlett from SOTFS. She's a summon/shade that has a mace and a iron parma, along with the retainer's robe and what looks to be the prisoner's waistcloth. Plus, she's devoted. It's in her name.
By Anonymous
Crossbreed Priscilla.
By Anonymous
Hmm wonder why the top is the rare drop. -applies gold coin-
By Anonymous
It’s courteous to give a tip
By Anonymous
Killed all desert sorceress of earthen peak till they couldn't respawn, equipped with jester's hat, prisoner's tatters and covetous gold serpent ring+1, and I got 2 desert sorceress hoods, 2 desert sorceress gloves, 1 desert sorceress skirt and 5 desert sorceress top, and generally, the armor piece I'm missing is never the top, so is it really this rare ?
By Anonymous
I-it's not that I like you or something.... B-b-baka
By Anonymous
I got two lingering dragoncrest rings and only gloves so far. Is the set really rarer than the ring?
By Anonymous
How do those grave wardens get any work done with a hot piece of finger lickin' chicken like that.
Me, I'd be a 24 hour tripod.
By Anonymous
Jiggle Phyiscs included
By Anonymous
Funny because it’s true
By Anonymous
they have a grabbing attack too
By Anonymous
They did, but they had to remove it because players kept letting themselves get hit by it
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