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By Anonymous
So does anyone know why fromsoft updated their name from desert sorceress to "desert pyromancers" in ds3? Besides the obvious "they are pyromancers and not sorceress" becease i am quite curious why they decided to change that miner thing of them. If anyone know please replie back to this comment.

(Also despite their name being changed in ds3 to pyromancers, i still call them desert sorceress, don't know why though)
By Anonymous
In lore fire sorcery ended when the witch of izalith went bigmode. ds2 didn't really care about a lot of the ds1 lore, which is fine
By Anonymous
Whose idea was it to put Succubi in Dark Souls?
I'm not complaining though
By Anonymous
The b team of fromsoft. But then again we have miyazaki also with his foot fetish. So it makes total sence the b team got inspired by miyazaki to create their own thing in ds2
By Anonymous
Change the name of the game to Dark Suck, and make these bdsm dommy mommies the main villains
By Anonymous
Don't they have jiggle physics?
By Anonymous
What do they actually look like without their hood though?
By Anonymous
Not the article of clothing I’d want removed first…
By Anonymous
Doesn't matter. No one would notice their face anyways
By Anonymous
these two people who replied stop being horny for five seconds challenge (impossible)
By Anonymous
How unfortunate that almost always you're too tanky for fireballs to deal actual damage, or you're too agile for fireballs to hit you.
By Anonymous
So let me get this straight you want to get hit by them?

F*cking kinky basterd !
By Anonymous
Exhausted every sorceress spawn location. 11 wilted dusk herbs, 17 dragon charms, 4 magic stones, 3 tops, 1 set of gloves, zero skirts or hoods. **** this game.
By Anonymous
Damn your trying to steal their clothes hard -_- you do know you can use the covenant in your home base to make them endlessly respawn back right?
By Anonymous
this is my kingdom cum
By Anonymous
So it has come to this.

I have played ds1 desert sorceress cosplay.

I have played ds2 desert sorceress cosplay.

I have played ds3 desert sorceress cosplay.

Now that elden ring is qbout to come out i'll try to make desert sorceress cosplay for that game too.

(Bloodborne, and demon souls where not done yet in doing a desert sorceress cosplay.)
By Anonymous


Fia's Hood. Rotten gravekeeper cloak (Altered) Traveler's Gloves.

And Sanguine sanctum... oops damn it laurence!

I mean Sanguine Noble Waistcloth.

Together on character they make a complete dark desert sorceress. Sadly interms of the red desert sorceresses armor there isn't a cloth, and a arm armor replacement. So have fun with the cosplay. Maybe the dlc will complete the armor even better when it comes out.
By Anonymous
The dedication of that man is unmatched
By Anonymous
The sauce gives him strength.
By Anonymous
shoutout to the chosen undead who took a fireball to the face for the screenshot
By Anonymous
Bearer of the curse: it was worth it! *while missing and entire arm from the blown fire ball kiss of the sorceress*
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