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I can't find anywhere on the site that says so, but I assume rings don't stack with identical rings?



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I don't think you can equip two of the same ring.
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A little late, but you can indeed equip identical rings. When experimenting, I've actually found that rings that affect resistances stack. There are still diminishing returns on the defenses of course.
i wear three defenders rings and they stack. total of 150 strike damage
yes you can stacks multiple same ring, but it doesnt work for every ring : those who give only pure stats (ex:willpower or slash resist) stacks, rings which add a "unique" effect like reduce focus costs, reduce wounding,etc dont stacks
Very late, but yes, you can stack rings. I have like 3 fused metal rings(Friend gave me one, and yes, i'm on NG+), just so I can wear the overlord set and have the scharficshter or what ever. And also ^^^ yes you can wear two of the same rings. Can confirm.
The image you use here for the Goldenstone Ring is incorrect. It uses the Defender`s Ring image instead. The correct image is on the Goldenstone Ring`s page.
Já ia comentar exatamente isso! Estava até dando zoom na página para ver se conseguia ver a diferença entres os dois. Ai cliquei no Goldenstone e vi. Estava até assustada achando que ia ter que voltar lá para buscar kkkk
Do rings stack?
Only the rings with stat increases (like charged ring) stack.



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The Bloodluster's Ring (useless), Sparkling Power (healing power doesn't work), Mossy Ring (stamina regen rate doesn't increase) & Burning Sky Ring (the incantation reduced effect doesn't work). Full of craps lmao if u ask me and add Ragged Set which gives you stamina regan rate when equipping full set of those.
So many rings were removed :( why the heck? I could definitely use the stone ring.