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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

black rose is missing
Its under imperial city sets
Not a craftable set genius...
This isn't the crafted section, genius
Why is Night Mothers Embrace in heavt armor and not medium?
trigger me timbers
I rock out the dreugh king 5 and way of fire 5 with flanking 2. Tank DPS hybrids aka off tank.

Sounds terrible
Are there no full sets for self healing?
Healing done and healing received affect your self heals so yea there are plenty of sets that affect your self healing.
I have a full set of Hatchling's shell CP160 (2 armor and 3 accessory) The armor is gold level and the jewelry is purple. I only get 1890 for the resistances and 4883 for the damage shield instead of 1935 res and 5000 shield. Is the difference because the jewelry is purple?
it takes the average of what the values are on a gold and purple set and makes that. if you have none equiped your gold tooltip will be 5k, purple will be like 4750, wearing a mix will put you in the middle 4883 or something, also worth noting----- wearing 4 purple and 1 gold is the same set bonus values as wearing 4 gold and 1 purple.
When I change the contrast on my mobile browser to view easier. It's still hard to see. Could you change the yellow writing to black please. Also when writing in the comments the writing is white in white.... -_- needs some attention please! Otherwise very good website that I love to use! Keep up the good work!
Way of the Air?
That's a medium armor set
There are loads missing. Orgnums scales, Dragonguard, Fiords legacy..
Orgnums - Crafted
Akaviri Dragonguard - Listed
Fiords - Medium
This is heavy only
Then add them.