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is there any way to reduce the cost? the first time i played through i swear it was 5600, and the next time it was 10050, and now its the full 13400. can you look into this?
I looked it up and even forums and videos from two years ago show the price as being 13,400. I suspect that the guide does as well, though I am unable to personally confirm. You seem to just be going Hollow, friend.
You can go down the Fire Lizard Pit without the SilverCat Ring... Just plunge attack the Fire Lizard... Fighting the lizard is another thing tho... You can do cheap shots using Bow/Magic from above, then do the plunge attack for the final attack...
I'm lvl 100 and I died every time I attempt the fall into the salamander pit...
this thing did not work
This thing barely even work. Fall damage IF it's reduced, is reduced by an irrelevant amount.
Fall damage has to do with the weight or your equiped items, I tried jumping in the majula's hole with the ring and my set all equiped and I died, then I tried unequipping everything and jumping and it worked, I lost only half of my HP bar