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i hate this boss with a passion, turn back.
It should be noted that they are easily staggered by the saw cleaver's transformation attack
4th version was found and confirmed on 11/19/17.. still finding new things. crazy



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4th version?
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Its kind of funny, i met this guy yesterday as the first Boss in my first chalice dungeon.
Is that even possible?
It's not surprising, because unless the chalice you used is followed by root e.g pthumeru root chalice, the bosses the rooms and the enemies are fixed and never change.
Get this guy to 1hp?
No problem
Kill this dude?
Lmao in your dreams kid, thats impossible
Don't bother with cannon guys, unless they're close to a lantern. They have a 50/50 chance of just shooting at the floor under them to get free hits
The ones in lower hintertomb (level 3) can be easily cheesed. Just throw a pebble at them and hide behind the rock. They will most likely shoot at it a few times, turn around and wait in the poisonous swamp for you. If this happens, just wait for the poison to kill them. If they manage to get back to their tiny island, repeat the procedure.
"...bloated Hemorrhoid on it's body. Destroying it does massive damage." Well that's...pleasant.
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