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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Can I get the netch's jewelry on vet dark-shade 1?
does this set affect the lighting staff light/heavy attacks?
Its not an ability? So i doubt it
It does. It affect all shock damage, including staves.
No. Only true Spell Damage (number you see on C screen) and max magicka effect light and heavy attacks
Farm this fast for Sorcs its getting a buff in the new downloadable content and BSW is now OUT!
What buff is it getting that's making it better than BSW
Style is Barbaric, not Breton.
Must have set for any sorcerer out there
You can easily duo the normal one, 10 minutes and you're out....then its all about luck, sitting on 2/5 divine
It's not Breton style. It's primal I believe
Set is now Barbaric and not Breton :(
Does this boost a pet's shock attacks too?
No. The only thing that affects your familiar's DPS is max magicka.
Where to get the legendary quality jewerly?
"The Golden" In Cyrodiil - The vendor will appear at the Stable area in your factions base. The vendor only appears at 5PM Friday and stays thru Sunday. Each Weekend is a different set of Items. You can buy the items with AP or Gold. The vendor sells Monster Gear and Legendary Jewelry.
does the necklace only drop on darkshade 2?
No, it'll drop on both, but the alit tongue only drops on 2.
No, I got a blue necklace. So it does drop in 1.