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Can anyone give me 5 piece weapon pluse jewerry messge me na ps4 pennine07
Dream on farm it yourself lol
Did you say give? That's not how business is done in the capitalist free market of Tamriel!
3 jewelry 2 swords cost?
Depends on the traits, but only like 10k for like decisive but sharp swords are closet to 250k ea
Current market would run you about 560k total
How much are rings and necklaces going for? Guessing blue quality is in my price range, anyone selling them on Xbox NA?
I've seen people sell purple for 25k and greens for 5k
Do any one know if Theres spriggans jewell ar Gold color ano bow much it cost
Can anyone help me farm this message me if interesyed ign is pennine07
I have been farming this for the past week and haven't gotten one sword it's bull *****
Anyone have sword or dagger they want to sell with sharpen
EU server. Msg HAMMY1311 Xbox one if interested in farming. I need 3 purple jewellery, named axe and any 1 Impenetrable Armor piece. Will also be open to buying, Just msg price.