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perfecta para recetas
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Just tested. Potion of Nimble Fingers: effect is +2 Thievery for 3 turns.
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Potato: Heals 10%, 1 Constitution for 3 turns
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How can one use the drudanae pipes found in the game?
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I'm wondering about thr same thing :-P
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it's only in the second act, under the tavern, in driftwood, you'll see a giant bong behind a female dwarf, that's it. befor the second act or once you start act 3 you won't find any. This is the only drudanae pipe
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Steal it from the dwarf and toke on it
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The guy above me is a liar you can steal 4 druedane bongs/pipes at the dwarf who grows it that's part of the main quest in act 2. Simply steal them and use it like a potion
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Is there a Potent Courage Herbmix? All of the other herbmix types have a potent variety, but I don't see one here for the Courage Herbmix.
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Blood Rose Elixir - Duration: Until Death. Not Permanent
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Huge and Giant poison bottles become vials. thus cannot be combined with Red Fabric Dye to make a Fake Healing Potion
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I pulled all the item combinations from the editor and put them in a spreadsheet. I removed some columns and have been renaming items to their in-game names based on what I know. Many items haven't been renamed either because I don't know what they're called yet, or I just haven't gotten to them yet (eg the scrolls and arrows).

So, this should be everything, rough as it is:
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Thanks for sharing! I've been in real need for a good list of recipes. :). Cheers! Martha
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Thanks a lot the very best list of recipes and lot of tips :)
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A few specifics, as well as tips on figuring out different recipes (will add a few later once I'm at a decent PC):
Stick + Sharp Rock = Makeshift Axe
Poison/Oil/Water Barrel + various items = logical outcomes (Bucket + Water = Bucket filled with Water, Arrowhead + Poison = Poison Arrowhead etc.)
Intestines + Water = Water Balloon (Ha!)
Poison + Food = Poisoned version of that food type
Fish + Cooking Station (pot on a fire) = Meal

...Carry different barrel types for crafting. Also, it doesn't matter whether you use a barrel of water or a bucket, in most cases (obviously they are intended to be interchangeable).

Another tip that should be on this page: Crafting can earn you tons of money once bartering reaches ~7. Until then, only the most profitable combinations are worth buying, like Nails > Lockpicks. By then, gold is near-infinite, if you know your recipes.
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I now realize this page is a dysfunctional copy of the category-specific pages. What a mess.

I've added a warning for the user to let them know they're viewing the crap-list, but ideally this page should be removed entirely.
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Most rune combinations are off.