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By Anonymous
Looks great with Saint’s Hood.
By Anonymous
Female character, Loyce set, Ivory Crown, Loyce Shield, Eleum Loyce weapon, Ring of Restoration, Ring of Evil Eye = everlasting knight?
By Anonymous
It says opposite gender but playing as a female and killing a desert pyromancer with the full set still gives health. Also, the helmet is meant to move with the shoulders, frogmouthed Helmets are typically bolted to the chest piece for jousting
By Anonymous
so the desert pyromancers..are actually dudes...
By Anonymous
* says the armor only works for female characters, so maybe it's because your character is a dude?
By Anonymous
The cooler Ruin set.
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By Aldomancer
im farming this set on all my coop characters, yes its a chore but i will look both fabulous and silly