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Worth farming for
no, no its not.
Fashion Souls!
the helmet is the best part
try to get all 4 knights in the bossfight and some phantoms. And when the boss spawns banish phantoms and do it again. took 2 hours
Don't summon random people for this. It's more reasonable to assume that phantoms are usually there to help fight the boss not to help strangers to farm. Same thing for phantoms expecting to farm loyce souls in random hosts worlds and black crystal out.
Want this set so bad. Glad it takes 35 souls and not 50. Have about 17 thus far.
Yes, but no Ivory King set for you.
When you have 2500hp and enemies do around 500dmg-1600dmg per hit; Is +40hp after each kill worth it? No, no it's not...
Even with all of the life stealing items in the game stacked together, it's still terrible.
also considering that the majority of enemies are males, if you have a male character the life drain is negated throughout most of the game, it's really just a meme bonus
what I miss in DS3...good looking knight armors...and poise
You have Lapp armor, it is too similar.
DS2 has superior fashion, but let's not talk about the f*ckfest that is poise...
Yeah I wish we had more armors in ds3
My favorite part about this armor is when your character shakes his head as he walks, its just funny to see, he looks like he so happy walking down the street on a sunny day. Praise the sun btw
The helmet looks too silly for me. I'm a big boy.
The tactical advantage of using female characters