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So i cant use this and i have no effigies. It say "Alas, nothing happens" and i dont know why. I got all 4 of the singing ladies and i am 100% hollowed. I read somewhere that if you have sin you cant use it. Is it a bug or no?
You must have no human effigies in your inventory, not even in your item box
You might also have to have no sin
The no sin part got me not gonna lie lol
Killed the Milfanito outside of the Demon Song boss fight and now the door in Rise of the Dead won't open.
Why would you kill her? You deserve that
I think that if you kill any of the Milfanitos you can't open it.
To unlock the door you need to be hollow (and have rescued the 2 Milfanito). Took me more then i care to admit to figure it out
You only need to 'rescue' the one just before Demon of Song. I haven't saved the other one and the door was unlocked after I went hollow.
There's a weapon located in there too. The Manslayer Katana to be exact.
didnt even know this existed, unfortunately of no use to me anyways since i have cheat engine
Only noobs who use cheat engine
Everything's useless when you have cheat engine. Including yourself for using it.



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If your talking about the big black door at the top of the staircase, I opened that with only 1 milfano saved and still hallow
Ironic how ******* this place is. It is supposed to HELP the player, but then they fill it with pyromancers who break all of your items with spells. Controversial.
Not to mention the water that impairs your movement speed when trying to get there and constantly getting shot by magic projectiles while moving slowly. But idk, at this point I'm kinda not even surprised of this kind of stuff with DS2 lol
You have access to bows and magic shields which make this prt a joke, still easier and less bs than a lot of other souls areas