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Great post
I found an error, I know I'm like really late, but the Logarius Wheel does not drain damage directly after transformation. The Logarius Wheel lacks an L2 attack after transformation, but instead is a pumping buff, that you can buff up to 5 times, and each buff does more damage, but drains more and more health with each buff. But, unless you buff it with the L2, there is no drain in health. Just wanted to point that out.
I love the Ludwick's Great Sword, it's the best. I use it all the time. Also, there's a bit of a typo with the sword name. I'm in NG+4 and I still love using it. Fantastic post!
the hunter axe is probably the best weapon to start out with if you're new to bloodborne. the untransformed r1 - l1 - l1 combo can not only deal serious damage but also restore pretty much whatever health you may have lost from any attack. and keep in mind you can use it from the start of the game. I'm doing a playthrough with the axe right now and I imagine it will only get better as I invest into endurance to be able to perform longer combos.