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does anyone know the recommended level here?
around 90+ I think
as long as you have 20 VIG and 40 in your focused build (eg. 40 INT if you're sorc or 40 STR if you're melee build), you'll be fine
Virgin 90+
3rd paragraph first sentance....go out which door??? There are 3 exits and the first one got me **** killed. Anybody reading this horrible walkthrough (the entire walkthrough) should go to a different site now. This ****** is an amateur.


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It looks like this article may have been updated since you left this comment. At any rate, when I look at it now, the first sentence of the third paragraph says: "Head out the door you arrived from, and then right until you reach another broken bridge." This appears following the passage describing the area with empty chests, rotating barriers, and crystal lizards. From what I can tell at that point, there is only one door out. I hope that it is a bit clearer for you now. I found this walkthrough very helpful!
Says the one reading a walkthrough
Imagine not being able to use your brain independently. This is such a simple area with only a few enemies.
agiar2000, this article says nothing about the 3 empty chests. That's what I came here to find out. The article says on the left is an empty room and on the right are crystal lizards. In my steam copy of SotFS the right room is empty and the left room has 4 open, empty chests. Who got my loot?
Not 3, 4 chests. Arghh! Why can't we edit these comments?!
"there will be a few npc summon signs in the area"
There is one. Only one.
This author doesnt know his *** from a hole in the ground.
there are 2.
Look around there is absolutley two.
There are 2 summon signs for both bosses. It is possible that there is one if you haven't progressed a side quest far enough. Try not to be insulting.
Poorly adjusted angry noob is poorly adjusted, angry, and noobish.
Also 2 for me. I got gud
If you got problem with lizard staying up try to lift yourself in the big circle.
You have to have completed side quests for Benhart to appear. did it a long time ago, but this time only Ellie appears
Sinh was fairly easy, killed him on my first go
What an a**hole.
liar ahead
Yes, beat Sinh first try. Elana, though, took like 20 deaths from me. That B1TCH is so annoying.
After ds3 i got both of them Sinh and Elana on first try
Oohh please please pleaseeee, let me suck your fat meaty veiny **** pleaseee I neeeeed it
There's nothing users here hate more than to hear of someone doing well against a boss.
It's the delivery of the message that was so bad
dunno what youre talking about i just wanna suck some ****
Exactly I killed both the bosses on my 1st try
Liar ahead
Idk what these people in the replies are arguing about. Just like what OP said, Sinh was a pretty easy boss. Also killed him on my first try, you just have to not use lock-on and once he does fly in the air and attacks he will 100% land, you just gotta sprint and hit him. Rinse and repeat.
Hi, I've started benhart quest line, but his summon doesn't appear here, and neither does the shades, I've tried dying in the room but nothing works, pls help
You said you started his quest line. If you finish his quest line, his summon sign should appear. And you said you can't see the other one either, you are human right (not hollowed)?
Bonfires behind illusory walls is next level bullshittery.
If summon signs aren't there, quit and reload