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They can be Rapported, poisoned, toxified, backstabbed, and easily staggered by greatswords when they are not attacking (though this only lasts for 2 swings at most).
They also didn't seem to be very susceptible to bleed. I hit the earthseeker knight with 30 kukris and it never bled. Got a couple crits but nono bleed.
I've had one drop a titanite chunk and I may be wrong but they seemed to be weak to lighting.



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They're heavily weak to fire, which staggers them most of the times (tested with buffed and unbuffed Firelink Greatsword)
With a fire buff on an heavy weapon, such as the Firelink Greatsword weapon art, they can be stunlocked pretty easily

And, just tested, they can be parried/riposted. Tested only with the axe/shield ones, though



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You can add this as tips on the page if you want :)
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yes you are the first to discover it. And not the japs who could play it a whole month earlier. now take that cookie and go to bed like a good boy. ~Death
they must of had a helleva time battling a dragon being weak to fire...
Have a high drop rate for heavy gems.
Can confirm this, Heavy gem page needs an update


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The Axe and Shield variant appear to have a constant health regen going on. Noticeable when trying to cheese them with arrows or backstabs where they walk away.
I could mention that it literally says it in the article, but i'd rather just call you a spastic
Nord, get back in skyrim lol
Am I the only one whom they attacked while Rapported?
This seems to be a bug, it can happen with any rapported enemy.
Epic beard.
Millwood Greatarrow description says they fought an Abyss Dragon, not that they came to Ariandel to do it. Supposedly, they fought him(Midir?) while still at home, in Millwood Forest.