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Hung dwarf
All of the things a person can say, and your focused on a dwarfs *****ing genitals? WTF is with you humans? Disgusting...
what the ***** is with that lizard *****
what the f uck is with that lizard *
I enjoy the fact that you thought this statement was important enough that not only did you write it, you wrote it again after the swear filter blocked it.


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Can't wait for the Undead !
elfs = OP as***** ... plz nerf them to hell.
Yeah, like 1 extra AP every 4 turns is game breaking. You are dumb, that 1 AP is overrated and only useful for Scoundrel build.
Lizard! The best!
flesh eating elves, that's certainly a 1st for me, don't know any other lore that is even remotely similar to that.
Wood elfs in the elder scrolls series are pretty cannibalistic in the lore if i remember correctly
If I remember correctly the wood elves are obligated to eat the flesh of anything they kill, and they can't eat anything plant-based
Dwarf Fortress has eco friendly Cannibalistic elves too
Elder scrolls.
Dwarf Fortress