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By Anonymous
Can you beat the game with nothing but the morning star as a weapon?
By Anonymous
Well if may prove difficult but I don't see a reason why it should not work.
You could buff him and use some magic/miracles if you want to cheat the "no weapon" part a bit^^
By Anonymous
-And enough potatoes.
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By LordKaerthon
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See, @Fexelea, now I want Cas to have to play the game with only potatoes and take shots every time dies.
By Anonymous
The weapon is really strong even if it's not ideal later on.
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By Chiester
EXTREMELY GOOD. Sure, it's not an endgame weapon, but it's definitely really strong. Extra blades give her 50-50 slash/strike split damage, so it doesn't have any real weakness. People usually ignore how useful that is.
By Anonymous
Definitely. It's by far the strongest starting weapon and a significant reason to choose paladin over knight.