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By Anonymous
this isn't a rant, but an observation. it seems a lot of people playing this after elden ring used a bleed build in er, then use this and cleaver in this game. cool weapon, never tried it
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By Anonymous
Me ignoring the ensalted screams of the damned(I am too enraptured by my cool sword to care about their opinion)
By Anonymous
Anyone know of a Pthumeru false depth 1 chalice with a Lost Variant?
Or know of any other easy way to get a lost version?
By Anonymous
Vqpdzv9z L2 pre lamp side area. Only one i found from Bloodborne Wiki.
By Anonymous
Does leveling the arcane increases its damage? Otherwise, what does it mean for a weapon to scale with arcane?
By Anonymous
Scaling with Arcane will affect the elemental damage it does when you use elemental blood gems with it. It's worth noting though that doing this will negate the Strength and Skill scaling of the weapon rely solely on your Arcane stat for scaling.
By Anonymous
I recommend use The Tonitrus if you're going for a arcane build.
By Anonymous
can I use this on a strength build?
By Anonymous
You can, but I would recommend using the Kirkhammer at the beginning and the Logarius Wheel from middle to the end
By Anonymous
if you're sperging out over what pretend items random strangers equip in any video game, please go get some sun or a job or something
By Anonymous
Kill yourself
By Anonymous
Be wary of based reply
By Anonymous
20 apr is based
By Anonymous
20 apr is a sperg
By Anonymous
20 apr is a secret 3rd thing
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
LHB big time noob weapon.
By Anonymous
Sorry mate. I can’t hear you over the sounds of me crushing beasts with the LHB
By Shocker
This monster is the most powerful weapon in the game on a quality build. Given the scaling and considering the massive damage it can deal with top level gems it’s not really a discussion in terms of raw damage. The thrust R2 is absolutely devastating. I tend to agree with some others that it isn’t as interesting a weapon in terms of moveset but it destroys
By Anonymous
Ye who dare to enter, be warned that the salt mines are as vast and deep as the stupidity that created them. Those who enter are twisted and warped into grotesque caricatures of humans, capable of only screaming insults at all who would dare to wield this cursed blade. Heed this warning and flee for no good can come of venturing deeper.

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Love this
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