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By Anonymous
best weapon ever
By Anonymous
Is it really? I'm currently a level 50 with a +5 threaded cane. I've dumped all my echos into VIT END and SKL. I'm worried that I'm going to hit a wall soon..
By Anonymous
Actually this is a best weapon for strengh build (non-DLC), because Logarius Wheel is useless for hunters and fast mobs.
By Anonymous
Uncanny version found here 5jcac4qp in the first layer
By Anonymous
Before or after opening door to boss?
By Anonymous
Insane for quality builds. Can easily get over 1000 AR with good gems, 50/50 STR/SKL, and buffs.
By Anonymous
brkepzqq right before boss room.
To unlock boss room. If you see the wolf, turn around and go down the stairs again and look to your right (left if you just entered the room with the stairs to the bipedal wolf) to unlock boss room. For some reason I kept missing it and ran in circles.
By Anonymous
has anyone noticed that the r1 combo is gwyn's combo? transformed it is
By Anonymous
Ludwig van Beethoven, wrote the soundtrack for demon's souls... Ludwig van Beethoven... He died near 200 years ago
By Anonymous
demon's souls was made in 1811.. do some research before commenting
By Anonymous
And it says Lugwig van Beethoven...
By Onionknight
Wait... dark souls was made in 2011... which means... WALT DISNEY WAS BETHoVEN, OF COURSE
By Anonymous
Has anyone max scaled this?
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By Zethras
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I have the base version of the weapon, upgraded to +10...with some blood gems on it and 40/40 STR/SKL, I get something around 750/800 AR, IIRC
By Anonymous
My hunter is 265 level (now I'm in NG+++). I have 61 in Stregnth and 57 in Skill and LHB+10 with good gems (but not the best ones). The damage output is 880. With best radial cursed gems of 27,2% or STR +65, the LHB overcames 900 likely. That is awesome.
By Anonymous
Something to add to the trivia.
In Volume 4 of Rooster Teeth's RWBY Jaune Arc reforges his weapon Crocea Mors so it can combine with its sheathe\shield to create a greatsword. This was inspired by Ludwigs Holy Blade.
By Anonymous
no hate but whatever you said is completely unrelated to Bloodborne and even everything of FromSoftware
By Anonymous
Japan being Japanese man
By Anonymous
If you fully charge the 2-hand version and then hit R2 again, you get a nice overhand smash that knocks down, which the L2 attacks don't. I was quite pleasantly surprised, as I was expecting nothing more than another R2 jab.
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