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By Anonymous
La cappella iz bbbbbbbbooooooooono cobà gnam lecca
By Anonymous
need a diamond pickaxe to get this
By Anonymous
Might try the dragonslayer great bow, see if I can snipe the tail
By Anonymous
did it work?
By Anonymous
I got this ng+6
in a gough cosplay build because I was challenged
By Anonymous
Easy 100 souls
Frampt here to save me farming 3 hollows once again
By Anonymous
Put this baby on a faith build with min stat and dmb/slb. Press R2, watch the backstab fisher disappear in a sec
By Anonymous
In regards of cutting kalameet's tail, it depends on the weapon you use for it. From perdonal experience, black knight glaive can sever it's tail in less than 5 minutes. Should be easier with other polearms or ultra gs with vertical strikes.

As for the special attack, kalameet dealt physical and magic instead of fire. If this flame were exactly the same, great/crystal magic weapon would be nuts to boost the AoE's inherent damage.
By Anonymous
5 minutes to cut the tail??? Huh??? Why so long that seems odd 2 or 3 hits with a heavy weapon and that baby pops right off
By Anonymous
Not really too difficult to obtain, did it at my second attempt after learning about its existence (I was killed at least 8 times before trying to simply defeating him). Using Gravelord Sword It took me 3 swipes in diferent moments. You just have to be very pacient in this combat, and when he does his glide charge attack make sure to place you behind him. He would use his tail stomp, get the timing right to dodge it and you will have like a 3 seconds window to slam his tail (just 1 hit allowed I think). With Gravelord sword it took me 3 hits to cut it, then I killed him. Really satisfying and challenging boss.
By Anonymous
I try cutting his tail by both using Wrath of the gods and Grants heavy attack.
By Anonymous
Thank you Soul of Cinder, very cool
By Anonymous
Thank you soul of cinder. All the collective experience of every lord of cinder sure does wonders for the mind.
By Anonymous
After 5 straight hours, probably over 100 attempts I gave up on getting this mfrs tail. I'm not the guy who wants the Knights Honour achivement, I just want it for the use of owing it but this boss is probably the worst in the game. I'll take Seath over this ******* any day of the week. F*uck this boss honestly
By Anonymous
you dont need to cut his tail for that achievement...
By Anonymous
Oh if what, afther i got his tail. I killed him in 2 atempt. That easy is that beach!
Sry for bad typing...^^)
By Anonymous
"F*uck" What letter of f_uck have I missed all this time?
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