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By Anonymous
When using DMB + Darkmoon Talisman (rank 3) at 50 faith on this weapon, the AR is 474(.6) magic 480 physical. Go wild with your 954 damage weapon that will do more than 300 damage through your average shield.
By Anonymous
Definitely going to try this on my next playthrough :p
By Anonymous
Heeey, that's pretty good!
By Anonymous
That’s not how AR works. Also the damage is split between physical and magic resistances
By Anonymous
+15 zwei hander and crystal magic weapon have the potential to do over 1000 right hand damage
By Anonymous
"That’s not how AR works. Also the damage is split between physical and magic resistances" the ar is that the split damage is a topic just talking about the effectivenes of the weapon in different situations with differents opponents. Or you can just explayn how it works instead of writing thath dosnt work that way, implying that you are the one who knows how ar works in DS, the chosen one... im here please, explain to us poor casuals how ar works
By Anonymous
What happen to Kalameme sword!? Why is the r2 looks so bad!?
By Anonymous
Full R2 is pretty underwhelming. I mean, its awesome, and cool, but half the time you'll just get backstabbed and the other half they'll roll out of it. BUT, IF YOU ARE A GOD OF LAG LIKE SOME PEOPLE I KNOW ARE, THIS THING IS GOD LEVEL, 20/3. Spam that full R2 and wait for them to go in, not realising for you it looked like you used it about 5 minutes ago as they get hit in the face by it.
By Anonymous
It's best for PVE
By Anonymous
TWOP while someone spawns in. Also good for darkmoonblade spell. Good for killing two-handers.
By Anonymous
Remastered does not list the sword as a greataxe, it is properly listed as a greatsword on the item description
By Anonymous
That's why this site has posted this sword under greatsword...
By Anonymous
It was a typo on dark souls part
By Anonymous
Interesting insight
By Anonymous
It's the edgy tryhard sword for noobs
By Anonymous
Wow are you the same loser that wrote buffs are for noobs too, wonder what's next. Why not just say dark souls is for noobs and save us your whining on every page.
By Anonymous
Oh yeah, an endgame boss sword is only for noobs XD Good joke kid, next you're going to say the Frayed Blade in III should only be used by noobs because it's easy to get.
By Anonymous
You must have gotten destroyed way too much by this sword... No need to hide it, instead of letting the rage turn you hollow, just git gud.
By Anonymous
I mean, if noobs start on the DLC and make this their main weapon, are they really noobs? Have you played the game?
By Anonymous
so all the guys who kicked you a$s in pvp are noobs? i wandering what are you if noobies can joke with you like this...
By Anonymous
Guys, you're missing the real problem here. He called it "tryhard". You're on the wrong wiki, kiddo. This is for Dark Souls. There is only try hard.
By Anonymous
Would be great if I could cut that **** tail off....
By Anonymous
It took me like 20 minutes and a greatshiled. It was very frustrating but just keep at it. Always run left when he rears back to breathe fire or do the calamity attack and eventually you’ll get fast enough.
By Anonymous
my advice take the havels great shield and have some patience.You will eventualy succeed
By Anonymous
Bring him under the waterfall, he will exclusively use his breath attacks. It increases the frequency of his rearing breath attack and gives you better odds of cutting the tail.

Alternatively, summon a friend to tank/distract while you hang out behind him.

I believe if you can manage 650 damage, you can cut the tail with one hit.
By Anonymous
The best friend of sorcerers, along with Moonlight Greatsword.
By Anonymous
Best way to cut off the tail is to bait his tail slam when you're behind him. It stays on the ground for a second after he slams, which is an excellent opportunity to punish. Took me three tail slams until I cut it. The rest of the time it's just too damn high to hit with any melee weapon.
By Aegis_Relic
Zwei's leaping attack can *just* reach it, barely, but getting the alignment and timing right is nigh impossible even with co-op distractions. I prefer to bait his "rear up and sneeze" attack, then charge forward for a hit while is tail is down.
By Jambi
Not so hard to get as it first seems. Especially with internet nowadays it's easy to find out but eventually one will figure how to bait the tail slam and get easy free hits.
By Anonymous
Simply block Dragon's glide attack head on with a high enough stability shield with 100% defense against physical. That would position me right behind his tail, he does tail slam, and i go for slashes at the tail.
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