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They drop Large Shards, Sharp Gems (uncommon) and Chunks (very rare).
I've farmed the one who's hanging under the bridge next to the bonfire "Covian Settlement".
My strategie was 2H the Millwood Battle Axe, activate Warcry, drop down, two R1's and a follow up with an R2. This will "parry" him for a riposte.
Has anybody else been able to parry them by simply attacking? I've somehow managed to do it using both my Brigand Twindaggers and Crow Quills without a single parry tool even equipped.
yes you can parry them just by attacking.
I did too, the one with claws was going on a feral rampage when I rolled behind it and hit it in the back with my Darksword. It played the parry sound and also the animation, it also took the riposte damage when I attacked again. I don't know if you can riposte crit them though, these things are too ornery for me to try it.
I managed to parry one of them by throwing a kukri at him when he did a charging attack.
Will somebody give me advice on how to kill these things? Like holy ***** I can only get a couple hits in before they start up another combo and kill me
For the Rapier-Wielders:
Their attacks typically consist of diagonal, thrust, diagonal, diagonal motions, sometimes with two thrusts. Sidestep the thrusts and backstab them. They also have 3 jumping moves, one where they jump over you and either throw daggers or try to stab you, one where they jump towards you and throw daggers, and one where they jump straight up and stab down at you. Predicting how to counter these moves is key to defeating them, because if they miss a major attack, they're usually left open
For the Claw-Wielders:
Wait until they spread their claws like wings and try to fly at you with a flurry of slashes. Sidestep and punish accordingly. Repeat until they're dead. Nothing wrong with playing it very safe and patient with these guys, as they're very dangerous but thankfully pretty rare.
The Rapier-Ones attacks do not chip away much stamina when u block them (i used a black knight shield) u can pretty much block an entire onslaught as a mage with one shield^^ So Just use a shield and try to BS them
If you are a greatsheild user they barely pose a threat, block, slam some hits into them, rinse, repeat.
These guys armor looks really cool especially the ones with the Crow Quills, why isn't it available From?!? WHYY?!?
You can get a very similar look with, say, Lorian's and Executioner's armor paired with Friede's hood.
You can parry them with ANY weapon If you manage to hit them while they are attacking or in the midst of their combos. Weapons with long range or fast moveset work very well in this case. Both the claw and sword variants can be parried (although the sword one is a bit more difficult). Can be parried with regular shields as well. Tested on the Claw Knight and Sword Knight encounter under the bridge and near the graveyard from Corvian Settlement bonfire.
Hyperclerics eat these guys up. Even on NG+, an SL 120 hypercleric can dish out 3k+ damage fully-buffed, which will one-shot them. They were actually easier to get by than the weaker but more numerous regular mobs for my hypercleric.
Cancerous enemy. Almost as bad as Outrider Knights with the infinite stamina wombo combo nonsense. Dishes out a *****load of damage with fast successive attacks. Luckily they can be stunlocked.
Me again. Ah yes, typical response from a Miyazaki drone. ^
Explains why this game suffers from so much. Everyone licks Froms feet instead of telling em to git gud and fix their broken game.
It's certainly not broken. If they miss a combo you can easily get a lot of hits in, not to mention that you can parry them by simply attacking. Quite a good enemy, in my opinion.
Git gud casul skrub

Giant Dad memes in 2017 xdddddd really tho, stop with that meme, it's cringe and was funny on the first day. No, they're certainly broken, any enemy that dishes out attacks as fast as a dagger and has A LOT of HP with hyper armor and dumb broken.

Yes, me again. Still a dumb enemy.
Here's hoping the set is in the next DLC. Seriously, the Corvian Knight set looks better than any of the actual sets that we got.
What the *****, the guys don't let you dodge roll. You try to get behind them or to their side and they jump, like "Nope, I'm still in front of you".