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completed DLC, went back and he wasnt there. no slab where he would have been
Fug, me too.



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He's located outside the house after killing Friede
I hope this helps:

I have accidentally killed him before I killed the final boss. A slab will be in the opposite corner of the room to where he was standing.
Actually he moves outside the doorway.
Did you go into the Ariandel Chapel attic after killing Sister Friede? I think you need to talk to the Painting Woman one more time after the boss fight. She has relocated to room above the Ariandel Chapel bonfire ... use the ladder in the same room as bonfire.
He will be located arouned his old place out side the door
He is outside the house near the ladder
Does anyone have the dialogue he says if you respond with, "I am not ash" ?


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nothing important, you can just talk to him again and get the same inquiry
defer isa bat!
Can I get some help I need summons, place at corvina settlement bonfire
What are the Corvians dragging behind them? I'm honestly confused about this.


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If I had to guess - and this is gross as hell - but given their emaciated abdomens, I'd say it's their viscera. There's a horrifying birth defect called omphalocele where children are born with some abdominal organs outside their body in a sac. Given the corvians general appearance as neotenous birds and the location of their... sac... this seems like a likely explanation.
It's genuinely feces, tangled in their hair over years.
I think it's some sort of both a visual metaphor and a gorey thing. LIterally anyone in Ds3 is slowly transforming into wood (dead dragons)
or trees (dead everyone else) (maybe because it burns well? Or is it some religious stuff like an Yggdrasil representation?) and the corvians show some sort of trees roots behind their back. Is it Omphalocele so gorey thing? Are they becoming wooden creatures? Dunno
I think its their guts.
I just arrived in Ariandel today and never gave it much thought and just assumed it was their tail feathers, but wow it's their guts? I'll have to get a better look with my binoculars next time. They drop dung occasionally, which gives credit to the idea that it is dried dung though.
I killed him
No Titan Slab for you!
His Death Quote is actually "Yes, of coure, as a burner of worlds should... Set fire to Ariandel... Set fire to the rot..."