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By Anonymous
Dear Uncle Gael himself. His only true weakness is several phases of frostbite and being chopped/crushed into small pieces.
By Anonymous
Anyone tried to kill him?
By Anonymous
Isn't he the guy that gives you access to the DLC??
By Anonymous
Yes, he respawns when you reload the area and acts as if nothing ever happened.
By Anonymous
The corvian you meet when you arrive at the DLC is not confirmed to be Gael. How could it be him? Gael's journey is not over, he is seeking the dark soul.
By Anonymous
I'm almost 100% sure that Gael isn't the Corvian in the painting unless there's several degrees of time *****ery going on with this DLC that we're not fully aware of yet.
By Anonymous
Yeah that does not make sense at all. Gael wants you to unleash the fire as he tells you when you first meet him. The corvian instead seems to be content with rotting away and letting things be like they are.
By Anonymous
Am i the only one that thinks gael os somewhere hidden in the vanilla world after you complete the dlc?
By Anonymous
I believe do to. If you talk to the painter girl she asks if gael has found the dark soul of man. i think this means we have to find him and bring the dark soul of man to the painting girl.
By Anonymous
Maybe you can find gael in...... The second DLC!!
By Anonymous
Okay, completely for science i have killed gael when you first meet him at the cleansing chapel.
I no longer have access to the DLC on this character. (seemingly)
By Anonymous
okay this was completely false, ypon reloading the area for the 3rd time he reappeared, please disregard my first comment
also he didnt drop anything, but he will comment on you killing him when he respawns
By Anonymous
didnt get a slab even though he survived phase 2
By Anonymous
You get the Slab for beating phase 2. Not for him being alive.
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