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By Anonymous
does she ever finish the painting?
By Anonymous
Just saying, this little girl can be killed, but if you do that she will return to the Canvas later like nothing has happened.
She only says something like that "Ashen one, i can not die, i have an entire World to paint."
By Le_Matou
After killing Sister Friede, I spoke to her and she mentionned something about Gael looking for the Dark Soul... this dialogue gave me chills!
By NeonGamer
If you can get that dialogue and post it here in the same format that would be appreciated for sure. It's a very important statement about the Dark Soul
By Anonymous
I saw it once, she says about two lines about it, i couldnt replicate it to copy. Ill have to wait until next playthrough
By Anonymous
She first says something about needing a final piece for her panting, don't remember exactly what she says, but if you go back to her she does repeat two lines

"I wonder if uncle Gael has found it?
The dark soul of man..."
By Anonymous
Probably be answered in the second DLC.
By Anonymous
The full final dialog

"My thanks, Ashen One. I can almost see the flame. Soon Uncle Gael will bring me the pigment. I wonder if he has found it? The dark soul of man..."
By NeonGamer
Is this painted world in a similar timeline to our "regular" world?

She mentions "I will finish the painting. Of a cold, dark, and very gentle place." This reminds me of Priscilla when you meet her.

Priscilla's dialogue "This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind, but thou dost not belong.". This is the same treatment you receive from this world as you are told to leave.

I have no idea if this will format properly. If not can someone let me know how to do so?
By Anonymous
Father Ariandel restored a certain painting... Which was most likely the painting of ariamis. If you look around at the end of the boss room of Friede you find a corpse which is most likely the corpse of Priscilla.

This one is wild speculation:
After I defeated Friede and talked to that girl, she said something about her mother. Which gave me the feeling that she is the daughter of Priscilla. But the tail and fur and scales are missing, so it might be a bit too far fetched
By Anonymous
Altho she does seem to have Dragon-like Eyes and the white hair i don't think she's related to Priscilla as she states that her MOTHER told her about painting a World.

Priscilla didn't know how, she only was able to control certain things within the world.

Also the Corpse at the end probably wasn't Priscilla as it is the Corpse of a Half-Human, Half-Snake being. The lower half is Snake-like which Priscilla wasn't
By Anonymous
If Priscilla WAS her mom, she'd only be a fourth Dragon as opposed to her half breed mom and possibly fully human dad. (Assuming that Funnel is her father) So she would look less like a Dragon than Priscilla or even Titania.
By Anonymous
Dunnel not funnel*
Freaking auto correct
By Anonymous
Could she be Priscilla's daughter? She has dragon eyes, scales, and claws. Not to mention her hair.
By Anonymous
I don't see the Claws you mentioned neither do i see scales.
The only thing vaguely resembling scales seem more like charred skin to me as if the left side of her have was burned.

She does have Special eyes you commonly see on Dragonoids BUT!
Out of 3 known 'Dragon'-Crossbreeds only Priscilla has different eyes.
Both Shanalotte (who is the most Humanoid Dragon Crossbreed of the series) and Yorshka have normal eyes.

It may only be to indicate she's special. as Priscilla wouldn't have known how to paint a world. Friede was a more likely candidate.
By Anonymous
Do note that the girl is unkillable as she will respawn when you rest at a bonfire and say she cannot die, she has a painting to paint. This would link her more to eternal dragons.

I do think she is Priscilla's daughter, her or Yorhska, or both, owing mostly to the Pyromancer's Parting Flame which is found within the painting in an area identical to Priscilla's boss arena and states: "When Dunnel lost his hideous spouse, he gave his own pyromancy flame as an offering, which transformed into a parting flame."

Priscilla may not be hideous to us, but in universe she was a reviled half-breed trapped in a painting.
By The_ERJ
I don't know how to format the dialogue properly to edit the page, but her next set of lines are:
" thanks, Ashen One
I can almost see the flame...
Soon, uncle Gael will bring me the pigment
I wonder if he has found it
The dark soul of man..."
Btw, I have the Japanese version of the game so only the spoken dialogue is in English. The Japanese subtitles for the same lines are as follows:
”...ありがとう、 灰の方 (...thank you, person of ash)
私はもうすぐ火を見ます... (soon I will see the fire)
そしてゲール爺が、 顔料を持ってきてくれます (and then, old man Gael will bring me the pigment)
お爺ちゃんはもう、 見つけたかしら? (the old man, did he find it already I wonder?)
人の暗い魂を... (the dark soul of man...)"
By Anonymous
Am I the only one thinking this little girl is really cute? Lol
By Anonymous
nope you arent
By Anonymous
I have found some connections with rosaria but I dont know what to make of them:

-The white hair being longer than herself is similar to rosaria's hair
-affection to the forlorn
-gael (her uncle) looking at the statue hidden behind the altar of the cathedral of the deep chapel. (rosaria is found hidden at that same cathedral)
By Anonymous
none of these are "connections" to rosaria... what the f***? "hair longer than herself is similar to rosaria's hair".... their hair is similar is a "connection"? I literally just can't... its not even just the first one either, literally the entire comment is just... "affection to the forlorn"? how is rosaria affectionate toward the forlorn? where does any bit of fact say that? all we know is that she is a "goddess of rebirth". Don't even get me started on "gael is in cathedral of the deep, rosaria is in that same cathedral"... I literally just can't... ok, di** mode off, it's nice that there are people enjoying the game enough to actually think about things in game and not just run through destroying everything.
By Anonymous
The statue is most likely Velka. That's at least the consence in the community and they talked about that subject counltess times up and down. And Velka has strong ties with the painted worlds that's why Gael prays to her. And Rosarias hair is white AND deep black. She has two colored hair.
By Anonymous
Killed her on NG++ and she didn't give any souls or drop anything.
Had to hit her a few times before she died, she never fought back.
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