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Am I the only one that thinks this looks like the Devines set in Oblivion?
I haven't played that game in years!
i have played oblivion and yes is almost the same
The Heide Knights are not regular enemies in Heides Tower of Flame on PS3/Xbox 360/Dx9
You need scholar of the first sin
Yea you need scholar of the first sin but you need it on ps4,xboxone or pc!!
That set is so cool. I want that so bad that i used bonfire ascetic on the belfry gargoyles to get gold serpent ring +2 for the double drop rates so i can farm it. Took me like 6 hours to beat the damn gargoyles. It was brutal. I dont recommend trying the gargoyles at lvl 100 with bonfire astetic.
Lol. You gotta get a max lightning wep or a faith build with lots o lightning spears, then run circles around the arena to keep them coralled. Lightning melts them like butter tho.
They could have put a bit of the lore of Heide and the Way of Blue in the description of each set piece. This way you would learn something new with each different armour drop. It takes some time to farm in SotFS, but it's a great set. I'm just saying they could've put more lore into it.
Such an awesome set
Rarest armor set in the game by a longshot, surpassing even Drakekeepers and Syans. Also one of the best trade items. I wear full Heide when invading and I get a regular amount of messages from people asking to trade for pieces.
Damn gauntlets elude me. Cleared the entire Tower of Flame and no gauntlets...
Holy **** same... I keep getting every piece except the gauntlets. Are the gauntlets a rarer drop or is my luck complete ***?
For me it's the greaves. Heh.
i got alot of gauntlets if u wanna drop me some legs,lol
look like a temple knight! so cool! I have the full set exept for the helmet! I never seem to get that!