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Do you have to obtain the Champion Bones every new game cycle in order to access the arena or just once in total?
Update: I checked this going from NG+6 to NG+7, yes the bones stay burnt in the firelink bonfire. So you can get the bones on any playthrough and they will stay for the rest. One bones required per character.
Description please
i used them by accident to see what would happen.... welp here i go
Is it possible to trade this with the crow?
Yes. It gives you one of its ***** feathers
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Pubic feathers*
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The charred but warm bones of a champion. Burn at the Firelink Shrine bonfire to participate in Undead Matches.

Long ago, the Undead declared a fight. A fight to celebrate their undeath, and to preserve what remained of their souls. So it was that the Undead Matches were born.

The merit of an undead is measured in deaths. Could there be a greater gift for such a creature, than a fight that has no end?
this item can drop if you kill lapp in the new dlc and dont own AOA
I have both dlcs and got this by killing lap. I didn't enter ashes of ariandel though. I just used the bonfire in the kiln of the first flame.
i own AOA, beat all bosses except greatwolf and just went back into 'shared grave' area because i skipped the dragon and did the rest of the dlc2 and patches kicked me down the stairs some and i came back later and got lapp's armor and champ bones.
I received Champions Bones even though I own Ashes of Ariandel (season pass). Perhaps it's because I haven't actually done the first dlc though?
so this is is unobtainable without dlc? i want to fight my friend without the dlc and dont want to use the red summon
Sounds like you're***** out of luck. Welcome to Dark Souls.

Hey guys, I want a starting +10 weapon!
well too bad mate why don't you want to use red summon by the time you get that embers are ez as **** to get
Just use the red summon soapstone what the hell is wrong with you
Not every one sucks other players *****s for embers.