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I have gold already :D
Ez as *****
Update: Two Gold Badges :D :D :D
took 20 mins. dont be proud
congradulations! man people here are butts
I have won. 12 in a row and hasn't changed. From bronze weird



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Is there a point in it tho? I mean good job, but...
im totally undefeated on the x box... yeah i have only done two fights... undefeated champion!!!
The legend never dies!


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We need to somehow figure out how these badges work. I'm quite sure no one knows what's going on with them, all I know for sure is mine is currently gold after playing about 55 duel matches, winning 37 of the matches.
Wrong, you're bronze, it is impossible to get max rank in 37 wins. It goes black, red, gray, bronze, silver then gold. I'm bronze and from what friend told me that's the way it goes. He said he won like 200 in a row and got gold, that's goes the same for the Co-op/Brawl
What, how can someone win 200 times *in a row*... He would've encountered a hacker in match #146 or something.
Strangely I went from no badge to Silver and after winning two consecutive matches my badge went to Bronze. I wonder if there is some sort of ELO system going on or if it's W/L ratio, etc.
The first badge is either iron or stone. Silver is after bronze, and is a little lighter in colour.
After 3 wins you get silver I think... I just won my 1st three matches of coop group
Actually I think it's 5, I forgot I won 2 matches of brawl
The order is bronze, silver, gold, onyx, Red.
Doubt that. Have been dueling for hours and only have gold
How can u check your badges?
There's a large gold badge and it changes the colour of your phantom character
Care to elaborate? Because you haven't really provided much information.
Pretty sure you're talking about the sunlight talisman for the covenant. Which in the case of the arena means you assume the phantom color of your covenant. Which has nothing to do with ranking.


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My test:

Nothing to iron - unknown didnt test
Iron to bronze - 10 kills/0 death
Bronze to silver - 10 kills/0 death
Silver to gold - 10kills/0 death
Gold to ??? - 9kills/ 1 death/ 27kills / 1 death

I dont know if you have to have 0 death but in my case i just never died.
So now i had 9 kill streak then died, then i had 27 kill streak and died.
But my rank didnt go up so far and my color didnt change either