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Is it just me or do the leggings ruin the look of the armor
The hood ruins it.
Both the leggings and hood ruins the look
If you don't like the leggings, try the sunset ones. they match surprisingly well with the chest piece. throw on a desert pyromancer hood for extra fashion
Dude beat me wearing diapers?
Perfect armor and leggings for those that love upskirts
Desert Pyromancer Garb + Slave knight leggings = ??? = Profit?
Put on Aristocrat's Mask, Desert Pyromancer gloves, and equip a whip for extra kinky points
bruh i wish i could have the boss version of the armor
Description states, "The fine craftsmanship made this a symbol of honor," but we aren't given pants. Okay, I guess showing up in underwear armor is honorable in the DS universe lol
Every good hero needs a pair of assless chaps
Assless chaps


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the red hood has come to eat our ***