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Its lighter than the undead legion outfit
any new sexy armor sets?
Slave Knight Leggings.


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So sexy and cheeki leggins, must have for hosting brothel
Where is the set?
This armor set (without the hood) is the new sexy armor set of the DLC. On female characters the Slave Knight Leggings are real "Leggings", as they have armor plates only on the front and the back is almost fully pale. In conclusion it looks really skimpy on the female character. I can't imagine it on males, but then again they can use the hood, which makes this look like the Grave Warden armor from Bloodborne. The armor set is located in the Corvian Settlement area of the DLC, you have to drop down inside a tower. The armor is located on the floor with a couple of corvian insect enemies.
Any images? It's for science.
on males it look like a * wearing a diaper
It's my new favourite armour on my female character. Mmm, i can see dem sexy legs now.
rofl at all these weebs
My god people explore the game. I didn't use a single walkthrough or cooperator and found every item and invader NPC. Not hard to go off the beaten path..
Well aren't you just great, huh?
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I bet you get all the TRY FINGER, BUT HOLE
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Perhaps people want to know some stats about it...? Not everyone is as cool as you mate...
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op you're right. other commentors need to stfu
Our problem isn't the point behind his post, it's that he's proud of it LOL nobody actually cares autismos jones it's a video game people can play the game they paid for however they want, neck
I'm pretty sure slaves cannot afford armor. Armor is expensive to make. Though... there are actual slave soldiers in history, like those Mamluks in Egypt.
Dark Souls has some strange politics, but if I had to guess, it follows a pattern of ancient eastern kingdoms (especially the Persians such as the Achaemenids and Parthians) purchasing slaves as children or young men and raising them as a personal military force. They'd often lavishly equip these troops as a show of status as well as for practical purposes.

Historically, their position in society as slaves (and sometimes their Ethnicity, in the case of the Mamlukes or Janissaries) meant that they had no hope of achieving personal status or wealth, leaving service as their only option and guaranteeing loyalty. The Slave Knights seem likely to be the same, only it is their status as Undead that makes them pariah, and would have been hunted endlessly outside of their servitude.
There is a sort of efficiency with undead slave soldiers: One durable armor set for each one and they'll come back after each death. A self-replenishing army.
The slaves are given the armor. These warriors are only used in the worst battles. The armor set is seen as a symbol of pride for a slave to wear.
new kkk leader armour

''i'm lovin' it''
Kkk's leader is actually Gael?, no wonder we dont find any black npcs in the game.
Greirat is black but he always wears a hood. Maybe that's why he was in jail.