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do you get the onyx greatsword if you kill him in the first encountering with him?
yay! so i can get it really early (its perfect for my current build)
No, actually he disappears if you hit him, and meets you later in the graveyard
nope, you can't kill him when you first meet him. he will just teleport to where you fight him normally. It's really weird
he comments on your ending as well during the game... he talked to me about serving yuria and when i attacked him he said that i didnt deserve to be lord of hollows.



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Same. He was all like "Well well well, if it isn't Lady Yuria's Lord of Hollows."
You'd have to be Mad to trust the Mad.....
I don't know if he does that everytime but on my current run (NG++) he spammed Vow of Silence, making it very easy to punish since he stopped every 10 seconds to stand still while casting the spell...
I haven't seen this so far, so I just post it here: Vilheim and Elfriede have different dialogues when you first encounter them if you already have access to the "Lord of Hollows" ending (sacrificing Anri and talking to Yuria afterwards). They will recognize you and ask you to leave the world to fulfil your destiny as Lord of Hollows.
They know when you've finished with that ending too. Friede tells you to return to Londor to rule your own subjects.
He seems to be extremely resistant to Magic damage
PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME IS LOL. They gonna do like they did in the other games and make magic actually usfull in the last DLC.
Is NOT killable at the cathedral, hitting him makes him disappear and pisses him off.
anyone know where to get his armor set?
Below the church, in the fly pit, to the left of the secret door.
Important thing to Edit !! If you come as a Hollow and you have Yuria at Firelink Shrine, This NPC is much more kind and adress to you as "Lady Yuria lord of Hollow". Someone need to edit this.