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Ahh they were saving that
Who would have thought they would add this in a winter-themed dlc...



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Seems pretty useless honestly, frostbite already doesn't do much.
It's actually better than the others, considering how annoying can be friede without frost resistance. Anyways resistance ring barely doesn't have any reason to be used. (even fire/dark/magic/lightning actually, except against some rare bosses like nameless king or dancer.)
Fire ring can be useful against some enemies, Midir in particular, as it dramatically reduces damage when combined with other fire resistant focused armor (and preferably +3 phys res ring and phys res armor) but you can't use the iframe boosting ring otherwise these rings really are trash. Throw in some resistance pellets/spells for further reduction. It even lets you survive black flames from Midir if health is sufficiently high.
Used this ring to help me beat Friede (ironic right?); INVALUABLE as a Mid-weight Havel armor/Smough Hammer user.. I could avoid a lot of the frost/ice, but when the chips were in, Chillbite helped A TON.. First time after putting the ring on (at like vs. Death 4) I beat her.
do we need this ring for the ring hunter achievement
I'm wondering too cuz I have got 106 rings now
I had all rings achievement before new dlc and i didnt lost it when dlc came out
isnt there a frostbite ring already?
Late reply is late but no, there wasn't a dedicated anti-frostbite ring before this.
If you killed her without getting it, can you still get it in NG+?
no *****ing*****
Why is this not called the frostbite ring? the whole set has the bite part, so the frost ring should be the frostbite ring.
Maybe cuz the actual effect is called frostbite. From needs to really change it to the frostbitebite ring, if anything.
A ring from Carim in the hand of a Londor Sable church sister...
[SPOILER] She's an Ashen one.. mayhap she ran across it? Or is from Carim even.. they never say where the Sisters are from, only where they end up and what they do etc.
All the bite rings are useless. There, I said it.