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By Anonymous
In my opinion, this is the best curved sword in Dark Souls 3. Just by virtue of having the curved sword moveset it is a beast in PVP. The weapon skill is iconic and deadly, overall the most well rounded curved sword. I personally use this with a buff build where I use base stats and buff the blade with Darkmoon Blade at 50 Faith. The damage is disgusting, and the weapon art will basically delete anything that gets hit by it, which is often. This was always a favorite of mine for Spear of the Church invasions. Fantastic weapon!

By Anonymous
So * says it has B/B scaling with int/faith using chaos or dark gem at +10
here it says A/A... so which is it?
By Anonymous
Put these foolish pkcs to rest.
By Anonymous
If you use a two-handed strong attack, a normal attack following it is extremely fast
By Anonymous
The ash of war is one of the most used aow in elden ring: sword dance.
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