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By Anonymous
i infuse dark gem on this weapon
By Anonymous
I never even heard of this weapon until someone destroyed me in pvp with it. it is so op I stood no chance.
By Anonymous
DEX or Quality build then?
By Anonymous
i go dark infusion with 30 in dex int and fth, with dark clutch ring u get over 500ar
By Anonymous
DEX (even at 60) requires less overall investment and lets you put those points into your stamina instead -- and since R1-R1-L2 is juuuuuust barely not a true combo, having more stamina means more chances to wreck face in PVP.

This weapon also works wonders with a Blessed Infusion on NG>2 in the Catacombs -- the big skeletons appear to have no defense against the L2, and you can drop them every time.
By Anonymous
Good for a Captain Hook cosplay :’)
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