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By Anonymous
I really like the look of this weapon. Haven't used Curved Swords before so is this a good weapon to get used to their Playstyle? Or should I try another weapon of that category first?

Btw, only for Offline play because I'm not interested in online play.
By Anonymous
i reccomend PKCS, i know it gets alot of hate, but if has long range, good damage, and is probably the best starter to curved swords
By Anonymous
Sellsword twinblades are the best and its not really up for debate. Especially for pve. The dual wield katanas are pretty solid too
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By sirjohn41
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One of the nicest weapons in the game. I love sabers.
By Anonymous
heavy gives it an A scaling in strength...
is it even worth though?
By Anonymous
a bit late but it can be worth it, as the weapon art is really good for guard breaking while also being fast and good for roll catching and dealing damage, so I think it can be pretty good.
By Anonymous
good as a side weapon to guard break turtles
By Anonymous
This sword sucks. Why bother using this trash when you already have a better curved sword that is called pkcs?
By Anonymous
I really think that people that leave comments like this are trolling. No sane person would call someone trash for using anything other than the PKCS, the most boring and skillless strat in the game.
By Anonymous
fighter pl fan spotted.
By Anonymous
ill have fun then. you uhhh have fun your other ways that you somehow do
By Anonymous
dude's trying really hard to get people hate pkcs, don't worry buddy, i hate mhs more than the pkcs
By Anonymous
yeah, imagine unironically having fun in a videogame
By Anonymous
You guys be hating my boy Griffith for no reason and I will abide by that cause Griffith did nothing wrong
By Anonymous
get ****ed in an eclipse
By Anonymous
**** me, just discovered this weapon after i finished the game 4 times. this weapon looks sexy as hell
By Anonymous
Same, has really nice scaling for casters too, I'm actually making a pyro right now and going to go chaos with this thing and see what happens.
By Anonymous
combine with knight slayer ring if you just really wanna ruin that guy with a shield's day
By Anonymous
Can someone explain why everyone says this weapon is op
By Anonymous
Was op. It got nerfef a while ago but I don't know exactly how it was nerfed. It's stoll a. Great weapon and can be hardswapped to to break guards quickly.
By Anonymous
It got a speed and damage nerf, the full WA used to be able to one-shot on the right build, so that damage got destroyed
By Anonymous
people used to use this thing sharp with lightning/darkmoon blade and spam the WA pretty much
By Anonymous
infused this with dark just to spite the lore
By Anonymous
I think this weapon art is inspired by Ciaran's weapons from Dark Souls 1. There is an item description for the gold tracer so most likely when the weapon was cut, they reused the ability for a new weapon.
By Anonymous
Im pretty sure there was a weapon from ds1 that made it into the ds3 game files, but was never implemented. Could very well be those sexy mfs
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