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By Anonymous
Everyone: "From nerf Carthus"
Miyazaki: "What if instead of nerfing Carthus we add a weapon that has the same move set and AR but has a super hard hitting weapon art that also shield breaks"
Everyone: "Why?"
Miyazaki: "Git gud skrub"
By Anonymous
With better range and hyper armor weapon art. Wow really?
By MrMegaFluffy
This thing and Hollowslayer Greatsword will be a part of every "Great" PvP players inventory after the DLC comes out for everyone.

I guarantee it.
By Anonymous
Will this weapon be the best thing ever?
By Anonymous
Beasthunter Saif of DS3 DLC.
By Anonymous
GG Miyazaki
By Anonymous
this thing is totally going to kill Pvp.
By Anonymous
I've been seeing a lot of people saying that it's the new carthus cancer, but eh ... it looks cool at least ?
By Anonymous
Hyper armor mutli hitting weapon art, stupid fast, * range. This is thing is so op
By Anonymous
But it looks cool :c
By Anonymous
Its like a carthus curved sword that's fun to use... I don't care if I get hated. I'm gonna pick this up.
By Anonymous
Of course you are, and so am i, because it's a fuc*ing saber ! I need to make a Napoleon cosplay build !
By Anonymous
Not only is it the new carthus Cancer with a better WA. It looks to be Infusable and buffable too lol .GG.
By Anonymous
I'm surprised it isn't a boss weapon
By Anonymous
Implying you couldn't infuse/buff the carthus polio
By Anonymous
Cry more *****ing ***
By Anonymous
I Still think this is like Dark Souls version of the Rakuyo but not as overpowered as one or two dodges to the side leaves the attacker wide open for a counter
By Anonymous
Exept that the Rakuyo was actually interresting to use ... god***** i loved that weapon !
By Anonymous
anyone knows the CE code crystal follower saber?
By Anonymous
This fuc*ing comment ... :D
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This guy: points down in duels after r1 spamming
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