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Everyone: "From nerf Carthus"
Miyazaki: "What if instead of nerfing Carthus we add a weapon that has the same move set and AR but has a super hard hitting weapon art that also shield breaks"
Everyone: "Why?"
Miyazaki: "Git gud skrub"


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New meta weapon detected.
With better range and hyper armor weapon art. Wow really?



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This thing and Hollowslayer Greatsword will be a part of every "Great" PvP players inventory after the DLC comes out for everyone.

I guarantee it.
Will this weapon be the best thing ever?
Beasthunter Saif of DS3 DLC.
GG Miyazaki
this thing is totally going to kill Pvp.
I've been seeing a lot of people saying that it's the new carthus cancer, but eh ... it looks cool at least ?
Hyper armor mutli hitting weapon art, stupid fast, * range. This is thing is so op
But it looks cool :c
Its like a carthus curved sword that's fun to use... I don't care if I get hated. I'm gonna pick this up.
Of course you are, and so am i, because it's a fuc*ing saber ! I need to make a Napoleon cosplay build !
Not only is it the new carthus Cancer with a better WA. It looks to be Infusable and buffable too lol .GG.
I'm surprised it isn't a boss weapon
Implying you couldn't infuse/buff the carthus polio
Cry more *****ing ***
I Still think this is like Dark Souls version of the Rakuyo but not as overpowered as one or two dodges to the side leaves the attacker wide open for a counter
Exept that the Rakuyo was actually interresting to use ... god***** i loved that weapon !
anyone knows the CE code crystal follower saber?
This fuc*ing comment ... :D
This guy: points down in duels after r1 spamming