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By Anonymous
This boss is so difficult
By Anonymous
Wolf is very weak to fire, comes at around half health of the champion and automatically if killed sooner. Has a second stage of red eyes where he uses mad frost attacks. Try pyromancy or heavy duty fire weapons!
By Anonymous
Greatwolf comes at 30% health
By Anonymous
Can confirm, wolf is very weak to fire and is very aggressive. Kill little wolves first, then focus down the champion even after big wolf spawns
By Anonymous
How do i get to the boss?
By Anonymous
Cut the bridge Luke in catacombs of carthus and proces down
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Progress" *****it xD
By Anonymous
How in the hell do i get to the boss XD
By Vman-0
You can't get to them... Yet. Just wait 3 days and it'll be accessible via Irithyll's locked door.
By Anonymous
Don't listen to him!!! It is at the cleansing chapel
By Anonymous
I cannot express how much i hate this stupid boss
By Anonymous
Does anyone know what he's wearing I'm trying to cosplay him but I can't figure out what his armour is ???
By Anonymous
chain chestpiece and dark mask
By Anonymous
Like what does he wear for gloves and trousers
By Anonymous
I know this is late, but he wears the Dark Mask, the Chain Armor, the Leather Gloves, and the Loincloth. His staff is the basic Sorcerer's Staff, and he uses Great Soul Arrow as well as Snap Freeze.
By Anonymous
Anyone know if this is an online boss like the Old Monk?
By Anonymous
Dark Mask,Chain Chest, No Pants & Valor Heart
By Anonymous
I bet there is a way to be that guy
By Anonymous
I dunno, this boss is kinda weird, especially champion, he wears chain armor and dark mask, so unprofessional, they should give him a unique armor. Valorheart is awesome, but the other things... Meh
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