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Well it's that time again. You guys know the drill. I'll have 3 sections of this post. The official notes, confirmed changes, and claims made that need to be varified. As always This is a hub of info. I will be doing my fair share to contribute to testing and verifying. All this info is brought together from the community as a group effort.

    List of changes dictated by the official patch notes:
    Available on the wiki's Patch Page
    • Adjusted poise values across the board. Poise is now more effective for heavier weapons and armor.
    • Improved regular attack animations of hammer category weapons.
    • Improved regular attack animations of greatsword category weapons.
    • Improved regular attack animations of axe category weapons.
    • Improved regular attack animations of fist category weapons.
    • Improved the "Neck Swipe" weapon skill animation of scythe category weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using whips would not deal additional ・damage when fully charged.
    • Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using the Pickaxe would consume stamina multiple times per attack.
    • Adjusted the "Onislayer" weapon skill hitbox timings for Onikiri and Ubadachi.
    • Adjusted the hitbox timings of the claw category weapon skill "Leaping Slash".
    • Fixed a bug where rolling attacks on Astora's Greatsword could not be parried.
    • Improved the "Wrath of the Gods" weapon skill animation for Wornir's Holy Sword.
    • Improved the "Blind Spot" weapon skill animation for Corvian Greatknife and Handmaiden's Dagger.
    • Improved the "Shield Splitter" weapon skill animation for Mail Breaker and Irithyll Rapier.
    • Improved the "Wolf Leap" weapon skill animation for Old Wolf Curved Sword.
    • The weapon skill of Old King's Great Hammer "Molten Perseverence" will now release lava on both hits.
    • Improved the "Darkdrift" weapon skill animation for Darkdrift.
    • Reduced effectiveness of rolling attack animations on Gotthard Twinswords while dual wielding.
    • Increased effectiveness of the sorcery "Pestilent Mercury".
    • Improved the cast animation of miracle "Lifehunt Scythe".
    • Increased poison and toxic buildup of the pyromancies "Poison Mist" and "Toxis Mist", respectively.
    • Increased durability damage buildup of the pyromancy "Acid Surge".
    • Increased duration of the "Warcry" weapon skill.
    • Fixed a bug where the player's lock-on target would automatically change even if "Toggle auto lock-on" was set to "OFF".
    • Fixed a bug where the leader board for Darkmoon Knights would display incorrect statistics.
    • Fixed a bug where the fog wall near Holy Knight Hodrick would sometimes not disappear during multiplayer even after defeating him.
    • Fixed a bug where Orbeck of Vinheim would sometimes die before the player purchased all his spells.
    • Fixed a bug where Patches and Greirat would never return if sent to steal after defeating all bosses.
    • Fixed a bug where female characters were subject to counter damage during certain movement animations.
    • Fixed a bug where equipping Vordt's Great Hammer or Irithyll Straight Sword in the left hand would cause enchantments to disappear from weapons in the right hand.
    • Fixed a bug where two-handing certain weapons would cause the stealth effect on Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to not work correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where Hornet Ring was not working for claw category weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where dash attacks could not be performed using Farron Greatsword.
    • Fixed a bug where strong attacks using Lothric Knight Sword were not dealing thrust type damage.
    • Fixed a bug where dash attacks using Onikiri and Ubadachi were not dealing thrust type damage.
    • Addressed other game balance issues and fixed other flaws.

    List of confirmed changes:
  • Hammer attacks got no increase in speed for attacks. Clubs got 5% hammers got slight forward momentum.
  • Great sword consecutive attacks come out slightly faster.
  • Axes got slight increase in forward momentum.
  • Fist weapons slight increase in forward momentum.
  • Neck swipe weapon art is 50% faster.
  • Wolnir's holy sword weapon art got an increase to it's AOE.
  • Blind spot weapon art is 5% faster.
  • Shield spliter weapon art is 5% faster.
  • Wolf knight sword weapon art is faster.
  • Dark drift weapon art is 5% faster.
  • Rolling L1 on gottard twin swords are 5% slower.
  • Pestilent mercury sorcery's damage was increased by 150%.
  • Life hunt scythe miracle's casting speed increased by 10%.
  • Poision/toxic build up is significantly faster
  • Acid surge destroys armor in 2 casts and weapons in a few seconds.
  • Emit force is faster.
  • Reaper class weapons are faster in general.
  • Mace's 2 handed heavy attacks have hyper armor.
  • Yhorm great shield used to give 45 poise. now gives 15.
  • Lothric knight long spear used to give 10 poise. Now gives 6.
  • Wolf ring base gave 12.5 no 4. +1 gave 17.5 now 6. +2 gave 20. Now 8.
  • Poise mechanics slightly tweaked. link for explanation here: https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/comments/58ppik/hard_data_about_poise/
  • Warcry used to be 15 seconds. now 30.
  • One handed great sword R1's are faster.
  • One handed R1's on fist weapons are faster.
  • whips charged attacks now do correct damage.
  • Gesture buffing is gone.
  • Neck swipe has hyper armor.
  • vordst frost aux is now 60.
  • Astora great sword rolling attack no longer procs leo ring and is parryable.
  • Knee bash on onkiri weapon art now comes out much later. claws leap unchanged.
  • 7 hit true combo for Dragon fist/Cestus are gone.
  • Parting flame when using combustion or blackflame hits twice.

    List of claims needing to be tested:
  • Tumble buffing might be gone.

EDIT 1: First scan over the internet and updated the main post with what i've found. If anyone notices anymore changes please do post. If you happen to confirm something on the list of things I need confirmed please do post saying so and if you have any proof to show of it that would be icing on the cake.

EDIT 2: Done a lot of testing. cleared almost the whole confirmation list. updated list.
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One-handed greatsword R1s are very noticeably faster.

The two-handed R1s seem like they might be faster, but it's alot harder to notice much of a difference on those. This will probably need frame-by-frame testing for anything conclusive.

Gotthard rolling L1 is noticeably slower in the startup frames, though the recovery frames don't seem to be affected very much if at all.
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neck swipe apparently has hyper armor now
Maces now seem to have hyper armor when two handed (warpick meta coming through!) also faster.
havels set has 50 poise total now? (relaying things i've heard)
fist wombo combo removed, range/forward movement increased in exchange maybe
carthus curved sword stamina consumption up and damage down.
spiked mace might have more base bleed than pre patch (49 when unupgraded with no luck investment) or did it have that before...
axe r1's move the character forward by a much increased amount
warcry lasts 1 minute now if I timed it right

these need comfirmation.
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warcry now lasts 30 seconds instead of 15

sparkly-twinkly-lizard wrote:Maces now seem to have hyper armor when two handed (warpick meta coming through!) also faster.
these need comfirmation.

first of all, only heavy attacks. second, maces always had hyperarmor 2handed, not only charged attacks. just almost nobody noticed :)


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Acid Surge Pyromancy is much better now. It destroys your weapons in a few seconds. And armor goes down in like 10-15 sec. Light armor even faster. Its acually kind of viable now. And the best way to destroy your armor to maximize your fashion soul. If you have a friendly pyromancer who destroys it for you of course. :P
Also Life Hunt Scythe animation is also faster now. Its like the new neck swipe now.
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Sooooooo..... what exactly has been changed about poise in relation to heavy armor and all weapon types?
If I have enough heavy armor, am I now able to resist the long stagger animation?
If I have enough poise, can I now resist staggering during axe and hammer swings? Even straight swords?
(I do not think From would give rapiers, katana's, curved swords and daggers hyper-armor, but I could be wrong ofc)



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I can confirm, Old Wolf Curved Sword has not changed; Wolf Knight Greatsword Weapon Art is significantly faster and better now. It already wasn't that terrible (the somersault attack has decent tracking, you can do a complete 180 and roll-catch people during it), but now the wind-up has been drastically decreased and the recovery time as well. The Abyss/Majestic/Wolf Knight Greatsword has been one of my favorite weapons since I first grabbed it in Brume Tower (I am casul scrub), and in fact, the only time I ever beat Skorbrand (out of like 20+ duels on PC, le sigh) was with the Majestic Greatsword's 1h spin attack. Roll-caught him with it and killed him. WHAT'S VIABLE NOW, MOFO

TL; DR: Wolf Knight Greatsword meta inc. Hold on to your butts.

EDIT: Combo time on greatsword 2hr1 and recovery time on them might also be decreased; i.e. improved. Hard to tell, may be confirmation bias. Very few people in this early in the morning on ps4, and I got to go to work soon, so I cannot test further.
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I'm fairly confident that not just the speed but also the range of both Hammers and Axes has been increased. I tested around and found out that both Hammer and Axe class weapons (Minus the clubs) only required 4 swings to travel about the same distance as a Straight Sword with 5 swings on their 1h R1 moveset. While 2handed, it was even more extreme, with Hammers and Axes only requiring 3 swings for the same distance, while Straight Swords still need 5. Hammers usually just barely had the most range. Though, for both Axes and Hammers, it seems only the first R1 (and the third and fifths, etc.) has more range now.

So, yeah, Hammers and Axes now have more range than Straight Swords with similiar swing speed. Welcome to hell, folks.

The Club and Reinforced Club were only made faster, but boy howdy, are they quick now!

Also, Fist Weapons are only faster now when one handed. While dual wielding, the R1 is still as slow as before the patch.
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BWO_RazrSrorm wrote:• Improved regular attack animations of fist category weapons.

Anyone can confirm what kind of "improvisation" does fist weapon has? i already tried several fist weapon and all of them still perform like sh*t (Two handed L1 still got faster animation than R1, other than that nothing changes)
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SaltLakeAtrocity wrote:One-handed greatsword R1s are very noticeably faster.

only on the first two swings though, then it reverts to pre patch speed.
I do not think they touched the two handed moveset though
the running R1 on greatswords seems as sluggish and slow as before unfortunately....so to me it seems this change to greatsword benefits turtles with big shields and spamming R1 when someone does all the work in a fight....greatsword therefore are still mostly useless in PvP...even greater than before in PvE though.

the gotthards have a much more realistic animation on their rolling L1 and I will not hesitate using them now so I really like what they have done with them because those are good not because of spamming L1 as most players do but because they allow mixing of moves and timings...and they have the OP straight sword R1 and this is basically all you need in this game to Pwn so...
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